Discussion about the computer program "Discoverer"

Dedicated to my teacher
Professor Dimiter Skordev

Theory of Categories

Charles Ehresmann
A Great Man and Mathematician

Research, aimed to develop some ideas of Charles Ehresmann.
Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1985, for papers on Ehresmann's Category Theory

Deterministic Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics on deterministic basis, Prediction of the Future,
Quantum Microscope.


New genetic models, aimed to produce new kinds of life.

Algebra, Mathematical Logic, Computer Science

Partial groupoids, Semigroups, Finite axiomatizability, Rewriting systems.
Associate Professor of Algebra in 1997 for papers on Algebra.

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Automated reasoning, Formal Language Theory, Voice Recognition,
Knowledge management, Artificial intelligence.
Associate Professor of Mathematics in 2002 for papers on
Mathematics and Computer Science.

Software Development

HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL,
Java, C/C++

Selected Educational Computer Programs:

Abacus (Smetalo) (Bulgarian) (2001)
Invoice for Electric Energy (Bulgarian) (2002)
Linear Systems (2003)
Inverse Matrices (2003)
Solving Triangles (2004)
Geometric Constructions (2004)
Coordinate Geometry (2005)

Mathematics Discovered by Computers

Machine for Questions and Answers (2006)
Computer-Generated Encyclopedia of Euclidean Geometry (2006)
"Discoverer" (Professor Sava Grozdev is the leader of the project since 2012)

Projects (with Professor Sava Grozdev)

Construction of a simple artificial biological entity with tailored properties
Discovery System for Medical Diagnosis